Hello, beautiful! Have you eaten?

I'm Bitsy because I am bitsy and petite, and Sweet because I adore all things feminine (and I have a weakness for ice cream).

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°˖✧ i am just a small anxious pudding trying to make my way through this strange human world *incessant wiggling*✧˖°

❤ I'm going to be the biggest garden
❤ If you are nice, I will like you.
Belle--Bitsy, Everyone's Lolita and Lactation Expert
❤ I dream even when I am awake
❤ An aspiring sheep
❤ I hope you like dresses, frills, lolita, Mary-Janes, lingerie and lace as much as I
❤ A delicate flower
❤ Equius appreciation and lactation for life
❤ I am going to devour every beautiful boy
❤ I'm so proud of robots and dollies

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I hope you enjoy your stay. ♪

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Sometimes you feel a lot of sads and you also fill the dishwasher with hand soap and drop your iTouch in the bathtub so you can only hear music with headphones and you need a nap to get away from it all and that’s okay



The I had a child with that girl series… I Don’t know the source, but i got a good chuckle from this.



Persona 3 Drama CDs

Vol. 1: Daylight Translation
Vol. 2: Moonlight Part 1 Translation
Vol. 2: Moonlight Part 2 Translation

~Translations aren’t mine. Links lead to the original translation~

Aragaki: “Hey, how spicy do you like it?”

Fuuka: “Huh? Um, well…”

Aragaki: “Here, taste this.”

This is ridiculous

I think my most favorite and most accurate description of Shinjiro’s and my relationship is “him and I in a bathtub together almost drowning in the bubbles and him just really mad and saying ‘for the GODDAMN twelfth time STOP splashing me or I’m going to GET OUT’”

imagine shinjiro gently carrying you into the bathroom, setting you down before tenderly undressing you. Very careful not to wrinkle anything or stare too long, but you can see his face heating up. Once all your clothes are off and carefully set aside, he picks you up again, keenly aware of where his hands are, and lowers you into a hot bath loaded with all the pink bubbly soaps and suds you could possibly want. his sleeves are already rolled up, but he still gets the ends a little wet.

>a little wet…………………………………………………………


getting 0 notes on one of your posts that you personally thought was clever/funny



Source: dragondances

I had ducks in my lap I repeat I had DUCKS in my LAP this is NOT A DRILL

I’m going to have to get a zip code for my eyebags soon

WHERE is the art of me as a cute greaser or more importantly as a cute 50’s girl WITH a cute greaser

Why does a selfie with my hair not even done and absolutely no makeup get fifteen notes while one where I actually look acceptable gets only quadruple that I ask you