Hello, beautiful! Have you eaten?

I'm Bitsy because I am bitsy and petite, and Sweet because I adore all things feminine (and I have a weakness for ice cream).

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°˖✧ i am just a small anxious pudding trying to make my way through this strange human world *incessant wiggling*✧˖°

❤ I'm going to be the biggest garden
❤ If you are nice, I will like you.
Belle--Bitsy, Everyone's Lolita and Lactation Expert
❤ I dream even when I am awake
❤ An aspiring sheep
❤ I hope you like dresses, frills, lolita, Mary-Janes, lingerie and lace as much as I
❤ A delicate flower
❤ Equius appreciation and lactation for life
❤ I am going to devour every beautiful boy
❤ I'm so proud of robots and dollies

I am also a helper on Sujufaces!
And I am a helper for a Tumblr about Tale of Tales games.

I hope you enjoy your stay. ♪

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male ahegao is my religion



I wanna date a 60s greaser with gelled-back hair and a lollipop stick constantly in the corner of his mouth and eyebrow piercings and ink all up and down his arms and then he’ll use his leather jacket to cover puddles for me and very safely drive me on his motorcycle with matching helmets

I stand corrected

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beeshojo asked:
wow your blog layout is precious!

I’m going to change it soon but thank you! ( ͜◕• ◕)

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i just made this video

Thank you


No mom they aren’t strangers on the internet they went to school with me but moved away

I couldn’t even use this excuse because I was home schooled I just had to be honest and deal with the disapproving facial expressions

I get a lot of lip from everybody about buying dating sims but I have no idea what their problem is. Like yeah I spend a considerable amount of money on different routes and for cartridges, not to mention the time I put into them into getting the Perfect Ending and all the CGs and bios of each character but I use my own money that I work for to play a game that I want, so I can have fun playing my own game and dating pretend boys because real boys scare me.

If you’re about to come into MY house and tell me what DLCs and extra content I shouldn’t buy with MY OWN money I will lead you to the door personally because I’m a proper lady and I will ask that you drive safely on your way back to the store to get yourself some new diapers.




"tELL thEM THe AnsWER NaEGi"



my god.



Domestic feelings tonight


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I had a dream I was visiting Shelby bearonaise and Katherine gymnopaedy and I asked if Emily emmilions was coming and Katherine said no because she and Emily looked too alike and a law was passed that if they were in the same room together, whoever owned the room would have to pay the county $40,000 because they were worried other people would get them confused and I got upset and started saying “THAT DOESN’T EVEN MAKE SENSE I CAN SEE THE RESEMBLANCE BUT IT’S NOT LIKE YOU TWO ARE IDENTICAL!! SO YOU CAN NEVER MEET?!?!?!” and Katherine said I could cry if I wanted to so I cried on the hood of the car we were riding on it was so stressful


Am I just a mass of hair to you

Because that’s correct

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