Hello, beautiful! Have you eaten?

I'm Bitsy because I am bitsy and petite, and Sweet because I adore all things feminine (and I have a weakness for ice cream).

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°˖✧ i am just a small anxious pudding trying to make my way through this strange human world *incessant wiggling*✧˖°

❤ I'm going to be the biggest garden
❤ If you are nice, I will like you.
Belle--Bitsy, Everyone's Lolita and Lactation Expert
❤ I dream even when I am awake
❤ An aspiring sheep
❤ I hope you like dresses, frills, lolita, Mary-Janes, lingerie and lace as much as I
❤ A delicate flower
❤ Equius appreciation and lactation for life
❤ I am going to devour every beautiful boy
❤ I'm so proud of robots and dollies

I am also a helper on Sujufaces!
And I am a helper for a Tumblr about Tale of Tales games.

I hope you enjoy your stay. ♪

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Hanging out with the bae xoxoxoxox

These Sonia Kashuk lashes Kimmy got me are the most wonderful things in the world and give me Princess Tutu eyes but they’re……………..so difficult to put on………..why is beauty so hard…………………………………

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Gingham Top / Bloomer Skirt

You can use the code “PASTEL CUTIE” at checkoutfor 10% off when you spend $30.00 or more~! ^_^


I wore a different dress for Frozen Friday and did my makeup & hair differently because I thought it fit better! Unfortunately it was a big let down because we had a book signing and no one was really there for Frozen at all ;u; But I looked A+ and we played the soundtrack which is what really matters

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Things I long to see with my own eyes: Palace of the Winds in Jaipur, India

My home

Don’t ever let me eat Cheetos. Why did I eat Cheetos after they made me sick the last two times. I am in bed, alone and dying. They are a cheesy poison. Do not let me eat Cheetos. Cheetos eat me.

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