Hello, beautiful! Have you eaten?

I'm Bitsy because I am bitsy and petite, and Sweet because I adore all things feminine (and I have a weakness for ice cream).

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°˖✧ i am just a small anxious pudding trying to make my way through this strange human world *incessant wiggling*✧˖°

❤ I'm going to be the biggest garden
❤ If you are nice, I will like you.
Belle--Bitsy, Everyone's Lolita and Lactation Expert
❤ I dream even when I am awake
❤ An aspiring sheep
❤ I hope you like dresses, frills, lolita, Mary-Janes, lingerie and lace as much as I
❤ A delicate flower
❤ Equius appreciation and lactation for life
❤ I am going to devour every beautiful boy
❤ I'm so proud of robots and dollies

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I hope you enjoy your stay. ♪

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Remember when I said the baby’s hat didn’t fit the baby I made it for? I felt bad, so I crocheted her a really soft doughnut-ring panda rattle! It’s stuffed lightly and the head has tiny jingle bells inside it (and the head was sewed on really tightly to lessen any possible choking accidents).

I’m not really pleased with it because it looks odd to me (the ears are strange and it kind of looks like it has a mustache) but it was my first time. ^^; Plus it was three in the morning when I was finishing it up so I was sleepy and barely had any idea of what I was doing.

The baby can wear this on her wrist and jingle-jangle it every which-way and not worry about getting hurt. 83

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