Hello, beautiful! Have you eaten?

I'm Bitsy because I am bitsy and petite, and Sweet because I adore all things feminine (and I have a weakness for ice cream).

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°˖✧ i am just a small anxious pudding trying to make my way through this strange human world *incessant wiggling*✧˖°

❤ I'm going to be the biggest garden
❤ If you are nice, I will like you.
Belle--Bitsy, Everyone's Lolita and Lactation Expert
❤ I dream even when I am awake
❤ An aspiring sheep
❤ I hope you like dresses, frills, lolita, Mary-Janes, lingerie and lace as much as I
❤ A delicate flower
❤ Equius appreciation and lactation for life
❤ I am going to devour every beautiful boy
❤ I'm so proud of robots and dollies

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I hope you enjoy your stay. ♪

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HOMESWEETHOME_zps11120b08-1_zpsd1ba22c1 photo HOMESWEETHOME_zps11120b08-1_zpsd1ba22c1-1_zpseadad24d.jpg”>

Ladies and gentleman, last Valentine’s I received this slew of messages from Josh Macedo and even as I told him I didn’t want to do this, that I was underage, and I didn’t like him that way, he continued to try and coerce me to do something sexual with him—and when I didn’t he sent me a partially nude image of himself, seen HERE as the image in the bottom left (NSFW)

Even seeing his username now makes me sick to my stomach and it’s given me panic attacks and thoroughly disgusted me. I am all too happy to see his kingdom burning to the ground.

Happy Friday the thirteenth!

Bonus picture from the next day:


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